Friday, January 9, 2015

Happy Brain Break!

Did you know that everyday, between writing and reading, we do a brain break?  Brain Breaks are a 3-5 minute exercise that helps us get wiggles out, relax from thinking so hard, stretch and be creative!  Sometimes we play a game like Simon Says or Six Dots (that is a class favorite - ask your student to share how we play), other times we do an exercise from Ready Bodies Learning Mind (my favorite way to build brain power), and then other times we just get crazy with a brain break from you tube (a class favorite is Ants in My Pants - Google it!).

On Wednesday we created our own.  It was my oldest son's birthday, so we quickly made a little video to wish him a happy day!  Needless to say, he loved it!

It's been a great week back...I LOVE the Spring, magic happens...stay tuned!

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