Thursday, February 26, 2015

I care language and art all around

Mrs. Glass visited our class today and taught us a new language!  We learned "I CARE" language.  This was a great exercise on using words to help solve problems between people.  Look at the great example by Katianna.

 We also had visitors from the Altharetta Yeargin Art Museum to teach us about Alebrijes animals.  After a lesson we were able to create our own animals!

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Putting value in PLACE

We are learning about place value. Our kids really understand that in the number 38 the 3 had a value of 30 and the 8 has a value of 8. All of these small concepts help understand and build a foundation for adding and subtracting in larger numbers!  

Monday, February 16, 2015

Fairy Tale Fun

We have been learning a lot about Fairy Tales the last few weeks. 

We spent some time looking at the villain's inside and outside. It was so fun to use what we know to predict how the villain would act in a different setting. Here are a few examples of what Goldilocks would do if she came into Hunters Creek. 

Hugs and Kindness

This week was all about kindness. We had a great week of celebrating Random Acts Of Kindness. A few things I noticed...

Emily helped Camila find the 4th grade room. 

Draden worked with Mahmood to finish his work. 

Elena and Aden picked up trash that was not theirs. 

Yuuki cleaned up the writing center. 

Bianca and Zoe helped Camey pick up her pencil box. 

Mr. Johnson came to read to our class!

We ended the week with a very sweet Valentine Party!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Living and Non-Living? That is the Question...

In science we are learning the difference between living and non-living.  We know that all living things can...1. grow or change
                 2. move on their own
                 3. reproduce to make off spring

In class today, we asked if a cloud was living or non-living?  Instead of just telling the class the answer, we thought this would be a great conversation to have at home.

Here is what some people thought...
Smith said it was living because it changes it's shape.

Bianca said it is living because it moves.

Aydin thinks it is not living because it does not need food (and food is a requirement for a living thing to survive).

Roman said it was not living because it doesn't need food, air, water, light, or shelter.

Draden said it is non-living because it can move, change shapes, but not make new clouds.

100 Days Smarter!

This week we became 100 days smarter!

We celebrated by going to different rooms to do things by the 100's.  In our room, we used our fine motor skills to build towers that 100 cups tall!  Be sure to ask about the pictures we made, and the things we wrote about.