Thursday, February 5, 2015

Living and Non-Living? That is the Question...

In science we are learning the difference between living and non-living.  We know that all living things can...1. grow or change
                 2. move on their own
                 3. reproduce to make off spring

In class today, we asked if a cloud was living or non-living?  Instead of just telling the class the answer, we thought this would be a great conversation to have at home.

Here is what some people thought...
Smith said it was living because it changes it's shape.

Bianca said it is living because it moves.

Aydin thinks it is not living because it does not need food (and food is a requirement for a living thing to survive).

Roman said it was not living because it doesn't need food, air, water, light, or shelter.

Draden said it is non-living because it can move, change shapes, but not make new clouds.

1 comment:

  1. Jeff Lanier (Henry's Dad) says clouds are non-living because they have no biological functions