Saturday, March 21, 2015

Pushing the limit!

I usually always post the incredible things we are doing at school. Today, I'm breaking away to share a personal note. Jack and I were blessed to have the last week with our kids for a fun week of skiing. 

On the last day, our oldest, Josh talked Jack and me into riding to the very top (trees stopped growing up there) and ski down.   A little note about my skiing, I'm confident and good on skis. but not GREAT.  Nor am I a risk taker!  

It was an incredible thrill. As I got back where trees were growing, I thought about the kids in my class and the risk they take everyday.  For some, sharing their writing, raising their hand to answer a question, or trying a new strategy!  Confidence comes from trying!

Oh, and the last picture... My favorite!  Even little Walker tried something new...sledding!


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  2. Okay...I've just been looking back through the posts from this year and find myself tearing up as I'm reminded once again what a wonderful teacher you are and what an amazing year Draden is (and all these kids are) having! Thank you, Ashley, for being the phenomenal teacher that you are for these kids!