Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Our Future is Bright!

It's off to work I go.  I have loved seeing the great use of creativity, research, and  technology as everyone is presenting about their future jobs.

So far we have some great professions.  Draden wants to be a baker (although an afternoon shift baker - she wasn't so keen on the 2 am wake up call).   Henry wants to be a Disney Monorail Driver - did you know that they train for 7 days!  Roman wants to be a FBI Diver (there are only 60 in the country).  Avery wants to be a biologist and Smith and Hunter both want to be police (I know our safety is  in good hands).  Mahmood wants to be a Construction Manager and Yuuki will be a robotics engineer.  I know we are going to be in great hands in the future!

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