Tuesday, December 15, 2015

It didn't snow, but it was sure a WHITE OUT!

Well Frosty didn't make it snow, but we sure did have a WHITE OUT in First Grade!  Last week we mailed a letter to Frosty asking for it to snow.  Today he answered with a chilly letter straight from the North Pole.

We started the day learning about snowflakes and why they are special.  We wrote  about why we are special and cut our own snowflake!

Later, we build snow castles filled with all kind of sweet treats!

We made snow and played with it in the yard!  Maybe not enough for a snow angel, but it sure felt good in our hands.

We finished the day with an old fashion snow ball fight!

And warmed up with a little treat and Frosty the snowman movie!

Thank you for helping us bring a little chilly fun to the year!

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