Monday, January 25, 2016

Operation RID the Squirrels!

As you have heard, we have a squirrel problem.  They are very brave and chewing through 5 backpacks to gt to our snacks.  After doing a little research, we found an organic way to get rid of the squirrels.  We are now conducting a little experiment.  We kept data last Friday to see how many squirrels we saw on the porch.  Today we mixed our solution of cayenne pepper and dish soap.  We sprayed the area of the porch in front of our backpacks, and then waited.  Check out our data sheet.

Good news, no squirrels near our backpacks (and a few people forgot to bring in their snack).  Miss Andrews caught one down by her backpack red handed (but it was outside of the sprayed area).  Check back for more information as we look at the data and draw a conclusion to our information!  

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