Friday, May 6, 2016

We LOVE moms!

Today for community circle we shared something special or funny about our moms... I am sharing it with everyone, so they know how loved they are. (Side note, is Addie's Senior Presentation she was asked to share what the most valuable piece of advice I had ever given... In front of 200 people the lovely announcer says "my mom says spanx are your best friend")

Her are a few...
Mackenzie - "my mom eats  Oreos every-night before bed"

Grant - "she always says that she is going to hit a homer over the fence and then swings and misses"

Cash " She wakes me up with silly songs"

Beckett "she buys me new skins (for a game)"

Miles  "she is always nice!"

Zoe "she won an award and is really funny"

Samuel "she tickles me"

George " she says nice things to me"

Heidi "she parked in the wrong sopt one time and thought it was funny"

Micah " lost her glasses and when were looking for them, they were on her head"

Audrey " parked in the grandma spot"

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