Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Show me the MONEY!

Have you heard that we are working? Yes, all first graders are learning about money with a real life First Grade Economy. Every morning they get paid $1.00 to do their job. They have been able to earn a few bonus dollars for extra good jobs. On Friday, they will have to pay rent for their chair and desk... During the next 8 weeks, they will have the opportunity to spend on their needs and wants. We will donate to charities, pay the Tax Man in a few weeks, and even learn about renting and collateral! This is one of my favorite things to teach because it is integrated into the entire day! Today we opened The BANK of JOHNSON. Kids used their math skills to skip count and make exchanges! Olivia M. said... "MY dad said I could put $1.00 in the bank and wait it will turn into $50.00, I want to do that!" Maybe we need a little lesson on interest!


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  2. Wow seems that Olivia learnt the important aspect of life which is saving money for the future.
    I really do appreciate this fun way of learning, keep up the good work Mrs. Johnson .