Friday, May 12, 2017

We love MOM!

Today we spent community circle talking about why our mom is special...I thought you would love to see what they think! Andrew - "she makes the best cookies" Daniel- "We have birthdays close together" Claire - "She is a substitute" Connally - "She makes lots of cookies!" Chris - "she is a nurse" Max - "She loves to say "boot, scoot, and boogie" Elliott - "she has a big family that I get to go see" Maddie - "we cook together" Gianni - "the is soooo funny" Ella - "she helps at HCE" Olivia M - "I get to cook with her" Charlie - "she is always at the bus stop" Grant - "she makes the best brownies" Rathi - "she is different" Luke - "she doesn't watch TV" Reggie - "she is a weird dancer" Wilcox - "she makes the best green beans" Stella - "knows how to train wolfs" Olivia Z. - "My mom is funny Logan - "a great cook" Jordan - "she has a birthday and Mother's day close together so she gets 2 presents" Max P. - " she can cook with out looking at the paper" Kirby was not here today - but she probably would say her mom is doing a great job getting her to feel better Here is a little book that Connally wrote for her mom using Book Creator!

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