Friday, December 12, 2014

Germs, Codes, Toys, Letters and Putting it all on the MOVE!

Wow!  What a week.  It has been a week of sick kiddos and lots of action.  I am sad to say we have had lots of friends that have fallen to all sorts of illnesses.  We have taken time to try and get our hands washed and do everything we can to stay healthy!

We got our letter in the mail to Frosty - waiting to see if he responds with some snow for our White Out Day!

This week we were busy learning to code (that is the new term for writing programs).  I hope to be able to do more of this in the computer center when we return from the holidays.  We Had a visit from Santa and so many generous donations to Toys for Tots.  We finished up our motion unit by building boats and observing how they move.  BUSY BUSY BUSY!

I hope everyone gets some rest, we have a fun filled week of authentic  hands on learning.   I don't want anyone to miss the big week.

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