Tuesday, December 16, 2014

White OUT Wonder!

Frosty made a showing, but not enough to make it snow.  Even thought we didn't get snow, we sure had fun with all things white. Even Mark the Elf came dressed for the day!

After we got a special delivery from Ms. Snyder straight from Frosty.

 We started the morning cutting snowflakes and writing about why we are special.  Here are few things that make us special...

Camey said "because I was named after my Grandma"

Luc said "because my name is spelled with 3 letters and I am French"

Avery said, " because I am the middle kid in my family"

Dane said, "because I am fast"

Ben said, "because I know directions and Joesph does not"

Roman said, "because I help people up"

Mrs. Johnson said, " because I have the best class in the world"

We spent the rest of the morning planning and building our Sugar Cube Castles (hope they make it home).

We got our hands dirty by making snow!

and ended the day with a good old fashion snow ball fight!

Be sure to ask your students to tell you why we didn't get SNOW today!

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