Friday, October 31, 2014

Changing States of Matter!

Today we did a Science Experiment.  Here is a recap from the students (typed by Mrs. Johnson)  are saying...  We were trying to make a ghost shoot in the air.  We were using corn starch and water with seltzer to make a solid change to a liquid. And then get the liquid to change into a gas.  We were hoping the gas would push the top off of the container to shoot the container (that looks like a ghost) into the air.  What really happened, it didn't work (according to Roman).  Reagan said that the container was too heavy, and we didn't have enough gas to shoot it in the air.

We still know that gas built up in the container because we saw bubbles, and we heard the the lid pop.

We learned that sometimes scientific experiments don't work the first time (Parker) and we will try again with a smaller container (Megan)!

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