Friday, October 3, 2014


We have been so busy today!  In writing we worked on telling first and writing second.  This is a great way to practice telling a small moment.  Here are two more examples of great small moments!

We had a spacial quest visit form a real Authority Figure...Office Miller!  He came in talked about community and things you can do to help your community.

We had our very 1st Mystery Reader!  Thank you Mrs. Valicek for reading to us, and talking about the different times she reads.  The kids were all excited to read the clues and decide who was the MYSTERY Guest!

Lastly, we started new Literacy Centers.  This is a great time in our class to let students work independently while I pull a small group.  We get up and move around the room.  This week we started a motion center.  Kids are working on the porch to play box scotch, a twist on hopscotch.  This is great for movement and sensory integration - all while learning new sight words!

Have a great weekend and do something outside!

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